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Asylum Forever
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 Thanks for the memories

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Thanks for the memories Empty
PostSubject: Thanks for the memories   Thanks for the memories Icon_minitime1Tue Jun 21, 2022 3:58 am

Hello Asylum,

Posting this here in case people forget their log ins and can't see general chat.

OptimusOne/Lasty here. Had a thought remind me of Rappelz the other day and searched my character name and this beautiful forum showed up. I took a trip down memory lane and read all the posts. Feelings of happiness, nostalgia but also sadness to see it all go and the reality of a good thing coming to an end as these things in life tend to do. I am married with the same girlfriend I had while I was still playing with you all and we have been together for a total of almost 17 years. That makes me the brother in law to jbdiaz! I work as a network engineer and these days I spend time golfing, watching basketball, and spending time with family. Haven't had too much time to game but find myself on Fallout 76, GTFO, and COD Modern Warfare when time permits.

I am not sure if anyone will see this but I have set the Rappelz videos I created to unlisted and you can now view them with these links. Hope you are all doing well and I think I'm going to log into Rappelz and walk around just to check things out. Thanks again for the memories!

If you would like to reach out to me my email is acolyteone3@yahoo.com

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Thanks for the memories
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