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Asylum Forever
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 Beginner's Guide to Flagging....

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Beginner's Guide to Flagging.... Empty
PostSubject: Beginner's Guide to Flagging....   Beginner's Guide to Flagging.... Icon_minitime1Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:49 pm

Vault of Night a.k.a. VoN

1. Complete Tharashk Arena, The Prisoner, The Jungle of Khyber, Haywire's Foundry

2. Be sure to turn in all quests and talk to Barrow Kundarak

Against the Demon Queen a.k.a. ADQ

1. Complete The Chamber of Raiyum, Chains of Flames and An Offering of Blood

2. Turn in the Philactery, Orb, and Offering of Blood to Zawabi

3. Complete the ADQ Pre-Raid

Abbot Raid/Ascension Chamber

1. Complete Inferno of the Damned, Flesh Maker's Laboratory, Ghosts of Perdition and Desecrated Temple of Vol

2. Collect the 8 different sigils and put them in your sigil frame.

Static Drops

(1st) Right Wing (Temple of Vol)
(2nd) Left Wing (Fleshmaker's Laboratory)
(3rd) Right Frame (Inferno of the Damned
(4th) Left Frame (Ghost of Perdition)

Random Drops

(5th) Left Pincer
(6th) Center Frame
(7th) Eye of the Abbot
(8th) Right Pincer

3. Turn in the completed Sigil to the Preacher

4. Complete Littany of the Dead 4 times to kill Mentau the Fleshmaker, Cinnis the Cinderspawn, High Priest of Vol (Vampire), and Cholthulzz the Doomshere
(Undead Beholder)

Stealer of Souls a.k.a. SoS - Dragontouched Armors

1. Complete Prey on the Hunter to obtain the Eberron Dragonshard Essence, Monastery of the Scorpion for the Siberys Dragonshard Essence, and Enter the Kobold for the Khyber Dragonshard Essence

3. Collect 3 of the following 6 Gems (Found in Rare chests):

Thadargix's - Sands of Menechtarun
Vuthesjing's - Orchard of the Macabre
Sventusk's - Gianthold
Iskaryte's - Mount Reysalon
Omaekrix's - Soami Gardens
Aussiredar's - Aussircaex's Valley

4. Enter Ternathaer's Inner Lair and give Thaer the Gems and Toriavic the Essences

Gianthold Tor/Reaver's Fate

1. Complete The Crucible, The Prison of the Planes and Madstone Crater

2. Collect 20 Ancient Giant Relics, 20 Ancient Elven Relics, and 20 Ancient Dragon Relics (Found in quest and rare chests)

3. Turn the Relics in to Crag, to open up Gianthold Tor, after you complete Tor then speak to Cydonie to enter Reaver's Fate

Shroud a.k.a. The Thirteenth Eclipse

1. Complete Rainbow in the Dark, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, Running with the Devils, Coalescence Chamber, and Ritual Sacrifyce to collect the stones

Stone of Strategy = Quest: Let Sleeping Dust Lie

Stone of Victory = Quest: Coalescence Chamber

Stone of Battle = Quest Running with the Devils

Stone of Foresight = Quest: Rainbow in the Dark

Stone of Might = Quest: Ritual Sacrifice

2. Once you have the stones, speak to the Twelve representative next to the mailbox in Meridia, and then show the stones to the lady next to the Eldricth Chamber

3. Combine the Stones using the alter in the Eldrictch chamber, and then talk to the representative again.
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Beginner's Guide to Flagging.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beginner's Guide to Flagging....   Beginner's Guide to Flagging.... Icon_minitime1Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:42 pm

Titan Awakens

1. Complete Hiding in plain sight

2. Speak with Karn Cold Trail in Foothold and pay 10k gold <2k gold if you can intim/bluff/diplo>

3. Finish quests Bring me the head of ghola fan / Shrieking mines (do not forget to pick up the broken sigil pieces in each)

4. bring the broken sigil pieces to Ostler Caulstone in foothold

5. Get the quest it is a 12 man with pre-raid/raid make sure to keep the sigil of dal quor on you to do the quest

nice guide Dynacel thnx for making it.
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Beginner's Guide to Flagging....
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