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Asylum Forever
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 READ FIRST!!!!!!!!

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READ FIRST!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: READ FIRST!!!!!!!!   READ FIRST!!!!!!!! Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:34 pm

Welcome to Asylum

We are Friends, We are Family, We are ASYLUM!

As our name suggest, we are a group of insane players like no others on the server. This insanity makes us the best damn players you’ll ever come across. All of our skills have been highly refined to where we can perform task that only others can dream about. We do not recruit; you can only become an Asylum member by a referral from one of the hardcore members. So if you do not know any members of Asylum, then you don’t need to go any further until you have met some of us in game.

If you would like to view some of our videos here is the links to You Tube:

Failure to train an Asylum Party – We love to get trained, please try to whenever you see us and test us out.

Boss Kills – When Asylum did these boss videos, we did not even have r5 players or pets yet; these were all done with only our own buffs, pets and the most important part “Our Elite Skills”.

Asylum vs Primal Scream – 6 Man pt all lvl 75 / pets lvl 80 or below

Asylum vs Tarainda – 6 Man pt all lvl 75 / pets lvl 80 or below

Asylum vs Likirus – 8 Man pt lvl 75 to 83 / pets lvl 83 or below

Asylum vs Takin – 8 Man pt range 90 to 100 / pets lvl 100 or below

Application Section:

So you really think you have what it takes to be committed into Asylum? Well first let’s cover our guidelines for new members and see if you qualify.

To have played Rapplez for a Minimum of 3 months

To have reached character lvl 70 or above

To be friends (in-game) with an existing Asylum core member

To have been referred by an Asylum core member

To be totally insane - Willing to de-lvl your character in-order to make you a stronger player, maximizing your skills, job level and experience.

We do not tolerate Nubs, Scammers, or Drama. Once you join our guild you are considered family, so if you are not interested in fully committing yourself to our family, then you should find one of the other guilds which is just shouting out on the server.

So let’s find out more about you, include all information in your application. An Incomplete Application will be automatically rejected. Your posted topic should read “(your name) is Insane”. This acknowledges that you have read this page.

Who do you know from Asylum (list all)?

Who referred you?

How long have you been playing?

What Guilds are you currently in or have you been in (list all)?

What is your highest level character/class?

How many Alt’s do you have (list all lvl’s/classes)?

Do you want to join with your Main Character or Alt?

How often do you play (# days per week)?

What time of day do you normally play and your GMT time zone?

Your age range: a) less than 18 b) 18 – 25 c) 25 and higher

Country you live in (list the state if in USA)?

Most Important Question - Why do you want to join Asylum?

During the application process you may be asked additional questions from any of our core members. Check back frequently to make sure you respond in a timely manner. We will also set-up a few trial DP’s to test you out in game and get to know you a little better.


Guild Leader - PheonixTear R5 Priest /PheonixWrath R3 Knight
Guild Co-Leader - GoldenWish R5 BS / GodofWrath R3 Priest

Core Members
FordPrefect R5 Sin, FourtyTwo R3 Druid
OptimusOne R5 Sin
JbDiaz R5 Evoker / NubbieBuffs R3 Priest
Rhazul R5 Sin / Kivan R5 SoulBreeder
Draxin R5 BS /DraxinII R5 Sin
ZeBlack R3 BS


- Drax
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READ FIRST!!!!!!!!
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